Bowen Dance Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Am I too old to take this dance cardio class?

No! We have clients that range in age from 13 to 70+ yrs.

2 – I have 2 left feet, can I still come?

Yes! This class is designed for the average non-dancer individuals as well as those who can move, male and female.

3 – What should I wear?

Feel free to wear anything that you can move in and are comfortable getting sweaty in. Indoor sneakers are mandatory.

4 – What should I bring?

Bring a sweat towel and a sports bottle for water.  Most of all bring a winning attitude and get ready to have some fun while getting in shape!

5 – Why do I have to pre-register for a class or drop in?

We require pre-registration for all classes including our drop in’s in order to be fair to everyone who would like to participate. This way no one will be disappointed if they show up and there are no spots available, as we do have limited space available.

6 – Is this a dance class?

This is a dance/cardio class. We use dance steps and repetition in order to create a workout.

7 – Are these classes for men and women?

Yes, this class is for everyone no matter of your sex or age, as long as you are 13 years of age and older.

8 – Are these classes ongoing?

Yes, we will be offering classes indefinitely on Bowen Island.

9 – Can I bring my children to class (child care)?

It is not recommended to bring your child/children to class due to space limitation & possible distraction to BDC students. We do however, understand that sometimes things come up last minute & you have to bring them with you. If that is the case, please know the following rules will apply; Kids must have a book or something to keep them quietly occupied, they must be in the studio foyer & not on the dance floor & they must not disrupt the class in anyway. 

10 – How do I register?

We are in the process of implementing studio software in order to help better serve our clients. For now please email the studio for your interested cardio classes.