KK Studio Class Descriptions

CREATIVE MOVEMENT (3-6yrs): An introduction to the world of dance. Must be 3yo as of September & potty trained.

BALLET: Ballet is the basis of all dance and creates strong, technical & dynamic dancers. Highly recommended.  Kids & Adult classes avail. 

JAZZ: A fun & exciting dance form that develops coordination, style, musicality, flexibility & strength.

HIP HOP: Various hip hop/street dance styles will be covered in this class.

CONTEMPORARY: Contemporary borrows from jazz, ballet, funk, social dance styles & many modern dance styles. It encourages natural, spontaneous movement & personal interpretation. It also helps to define dancers abilities to express themselves through dance. Prerequisite: Ballet.

TAP: Develops musicality, rhythm, style, as well as coordination. Plus, it’s just fun making noise with your feet.
*Tap may be combined with Musical Theatre. (Currently N/A)

MUSICAL THEATRE: Focuses on theatrics, characterization & storytelling. Singing, music & acting will be included in this class. *Musical Theatre may be combined with Tap. (Currently N/A)

BOWEN ADULT DANCE TEAM: The BAD Team is for the more serious adult dancer & is a full season commitment. Ms. Konno & members of this team, will work on a variety of styles of dance & create a routine that will be performed at a dance competition, as well as the KKS Year End Show. (We are currently not accepting new members).

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons are available from all of our faculty members, if space & time permit. Email studio to inquire.