Frequently Asked Questions

KK Studio Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Kelly Konno Studio?
Kelly Konno Studio is a place where your imagination & creativity can dance freely. Our mission is to help mold, train & guide all KK students/artists in a safe, supportive, encouraging, inspiring & positive environment. The KK Studio Faculty are accomplished professionals in their field & are a reflection of Ms. Konno’s high standards. Some of Kelly Konno’s past students have gone on to perform with industry juggernauts such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Pink, Rihanna, Beyonce & many others.

What is the best age to start training at KK Studio?
Ages accepted are from 3 yrs old & up. The sooner the better, although we feel it’s never too late to start!

What makes KK studio different from other ‘dance’ studios?
We are different because we offer classes not only kids, but adults as well.

Will the KK Studio be Competitive or Noncompetitive?
The studio may or may not compete at competitions. Competing will be at Ms. Konno’s discretion.

What classes are available to adults?
Dance Cardio available year round.  Sessions will be offered for: Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop & Street Jazz (subject to change).

What fees are involved?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Do I pay less in months where there are fewer classes (Stat Holidays/Studio Closures)?
No, we take your total annual fees minus any studio closure dates & divide it by 10 to make each monthly payment the same.   You then pay “10 Monthly Equal Payment Installments” for the entire season.

What happens when you miss a class?
If you or your child is ill, or you are heading on vacation, please notify the faculty & office. We do not, however, offer refunds or make up classes for these reasons.  If the studio cancels a class, a makeup class time/date will be offered or a credit will be issued to use towards the next month’s tuition.

What is the KK Studio Dress Code?
A dress code will be included in the Final Registration Package & it will outline what clothing the student will be required to wear in each class.

Will there be class photos taken?
Yes! We will have Picture Week at the end of the season.

When is the Year End Show?

Who participates in the Year End Show (Y.E.S.) Performance?
All KK Studio students, including the Bowen Adult Dance Team, will perform in our Year End Show Performance in June.
It is a fun & exciting way to wrap up a year of hard work. Students are not required to pay to perform & the KK Studio covers theatre costs. Anyone wishing to watch the Year End Show from the audience is required to purchase a ticket.

What else do I have to consider?
It is important to consider the commitment for the entire season.  As we learn & perform routines together, if one person is missing it can negatively affect the entire group. Attendance at the Year End Show dress rehearsal & performance is mandatory, unless otherwise discussed & has been approved by Kelly Konno.

Will there be a KK Studio SUMMER Camp or Intensive?
Check Important Dates Page.

Where is the actual studio?
The KK Studio is on Bowen Island, in lower Artisan Sq. (#102 – 566 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island)

Have a question that we did not answer here?
Email us your question to: & we will respond as soon as possible.